My first post

Jonathan Chan

I always liked to write. I've been writing diaries since high school. But I thought I was never going to write a blog, even if I wanted to. That's because I never had a clear idea about how I want it to be. I would have to choose an audience, to choose a specific subject, to be somehow consistent and keep a quality standard.

I fall in the perfectionism trap too often. Instead of trying something new, sometimes I think about what's the "right" way of doing things, when I could just give it a try. I learned that "perfect" is enemy of "good". Seeking perfection all the time is just a way to block our own plans and actions.

We need to experiment freely. We need to learn one step a the time. That's how we learned how to walk. We just tried, err, and tried again, until our walk was smooth and steady.

We need tools to develop ideas. And writing is not only a way of sharing ideas, but also a tool to develop them. So this blog is an experiment, and a way for myself to practice writing and develop ideas.