It all started with feet pain...

Dr Leong Lee San suffered a severe case of plantar fasciitis in the 1980s whilst training for a marathon. Nothing seemed to help - not even getting a steroid injection. Fortuitously that year, a sports science seminar was held in Singapore and Dr Steven Subotnick, a well known American podiatrist and an editor at Runner's World magazine then, was one of the guest speakers. He advised Dr Leong to get a pair of foot orthotics. Easier said than done, for in those days, foot orthotics were unknown in Singapore. Search engines on the internet had not been invented back then and getting information and finding supply were not easy. Finally after much enquiry, he discovered Formthotics™ at a conference exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand. Formthotics™ not only enabled him to continue running pain-free, they became his passion.

Dr Charles Baycroft, the inventor of Formthotics™ and the founder of the company, Foot Science International, that manufactures the product, visited Singapore frequently in those early years and Dr Leong learnt much from him. In the 20 plus years of using Formthotics™ to help hundreds of patients suffering from knee, foot and other musculoskeletal problems, Dr Leong developed his own unique and effective method of customising the insoles.

As a fully qualified medical doctor with more than 50 years of experience in general practice and the last 20 years in prescribing Formthotics™; as an athlete who has completed 4 full marathons and many other shorter races; as a patient himself, suffering from plantar fasciitis and other common athletic injuries, Dr Leong has the perspective, understanding and expectations of both the healer and the sufferer.

At 85 years old, Dr Leong has retired from medical practice but remains very active running this company that distributes Formthotics™ and other healthcare products in Singapore. To keep fit, he exercises daily: race walking, working out in the gym and swimming.

Not sure if Formthotics™ is right for you? Talk to Dr Leong now!

Whether you are encountering pain, or wish to improve your foot biomechanics and prevent common overuse injuries, Dr. Leong will help you figure it out.

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