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Flat feet are not the problem. Fallen arches, or what we commonly call “flat feet”, are actually a warning sign that there is a problem, which is malalignment of the lower limbs, as the feet flatten and adapt to walking on modern day flat, unyielding surfaces.

Lower limb malalignment puts excessive stress on our joints, leading to excessive wear and tear and overuse injuries, such as heel spur, knee pain and lower back ache, and eventually osteoarthritis of the knee, hip and spine.

illustration visual of malalignment feet
illustration visual of alignment feet

Flat feet
are not
the problem

Modern day environment is the main cause of the problem, in which flat, hard surfaces are almost universal — thus almost everyone is prone to suffer from lower limb malalignment, which leads to overuse injuries.

According to medical research, 4 in 5 people over age 65 in high-income countries suffer from osteoarthritis (OA). Those who develop OA are also getting younger².

¹Arthritis By The Numbers. Arthritis Foundation. 2019; p20
²Why More Young and Active People are Getting Arthritis. 2016

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Formthotics medical red insoles on placed on rocks
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Formthotics medical black insole on mud

A simple arch support is not the solution

Formthotics medical original single firm  black insole image
Formthotics Medical blue insole hero image
Formthotics medical original single firm  black insole image
Formthotics medical dual medium red insole image

Formthotics™ are not simple arch support, but a special type of customisable insoles that simulate a soft, yielding surface.

Our founder Dr. Leong Lee San believes that our feet were designed to walk on soft earth that naturally moulded to and supported the foot with every step.

Formthotics™ insoles naturally support your feet, adjusting your gait so that your limbs are properly aligned and functioning optimally.

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Get into

alignment today

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Get your own pair of Formthotics™ today and have them customised later if required, or simply book an appointment for a consultation session with Dr Leong.

Whether you are already encountering pain, or simply wish to improve your foot biomechanics and prevent common overuse injuries, give Formthotics™ a try and experience the benefits of walking on "soft earth".

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I (have been) a user of Formthotics for the past year after I recovered from plantar fasciitis. I was looking for a good solution to prevent this terrible injury for which I had to lay off for a year. Since then I have had no issues with my plantar fascia. The support it provides is amazing and adjusts well to fit my feet as I use them. I have since (gone) on to run the Singapore national best for the half marathon with a time of 1:07:53 as well as winning the SEA games in Myanmar for the marathon event. Formthotics should be built into every shoe!

mok ying ren SEA games marathoner gold medalist testimonal of formthotics insoles
mok ying ren (feb 2014)
2-time SEA games gold medallist

“I love these guys! They did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone.” 

mok ying ren SEA games marathoner gold medalist testimonal of formthotics insoles
mok ying ren

Pain has gone away immensely with the help of Feetup!” 

Rachel SOH

“Aligning my comfort the right way with Feet up! Pain and stress gone!”

willy chan

“Top-notch job. Couldn’t have asked for better comfort to help me perform better.



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